Funeral Home and Cemetery Litigation

We fight to protect the rights of funeral home clients whose good faith has been betrayed. Conversely, if you are a mortuary owner or manager falsely accused of cemetery malpractice, we want to hear your side of the story.

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  • Texas Cemetary Lawyer Protecting Victims of Funeral Home & Cemetery Malpractice

    If your family's trust has been betrayed by negligent funeral home and cemetery owners, or if your deceased loved ones' remains have been disrespected, or abused in any way, we want to help you.

    Former elected District Attorney Travis S. Ware has already made his mark on the funeral home litigation legal landscape. He has successfully represented clients whose families and deceased relatives were made victims of fraud and funeral home negligence. Mr. Ware and his team hold responsible parties accountable, legally and financially. Our funeral home negligence lawyers answer all of your legal questions and extend maximum availability to you throughout your case.
  • Ware, Shay & Garcia: A Recognized Leader in Funeral Home Litigation

    Causes for funeral home and cemetery litigation include:

    Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    Negligent burial or disinterment
    Cremation errors
    Casket or burial site switching
    Theft of clothing or jewelry
    Embalming error
    Incorrect storage of remains
    Delayed or refused internment
    Error in location of burial site
    Damage to Casket/Vault
    Removal and sale of body parts
    Fraud/Bad Faith Dealing in Funeral Home or Cemetery Services

    We urge you to contact us if you believe you have been the victim of funeral home malpractice or cemetery negligence. We can answer your legal questions and help you make informed decisions about your case.